2019 Speakers
Keep Texas Red
Dustin Lane April 8, 2019

Dustin Lane

“Property Taxes in the state of Texas"

Dustin received a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas majoring in both History and Economics. It was there he pursued his passion for understanding and effectively communicating economic principles through rigorous seminars, comprehensive media trainings, policy internships, creating and organizing student organizations, and co-founding a non-profit.

After graduating college he dedicated himself to advancing those academic endeavors in a more professional capacity. Through field director and spokesperson roles with both Liberty Action and Americans for Prosperity he was responsible for educating and mentoring young business professionals in navigating local and state politics, speaking and testifying on behalf of policies that impact the millennial generation, recruiting and organizing for volunteer activity, and advancing the organizations’ specific policy goals. Additionally, his academic and professional experience provides a unique insight that helps identify inefficiencies and create innovative solutions for advancing the goals of non-profit organizations.