Elected Officials
Keep Texas Red
“A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take away everything you have.” –Thomas Jefferson

Who Represents Me?


Contact your own State House Representative and State Senator, as well as Speaker Dade Phelan's Austin Office (512.463.1000) or District Offices, (409.745.2777) regularly, expressing your support of the RPT Legislative Priorities. If you’d like to know more about who represents you. Click the following link: https://wrm.capitol.texas.gov/home, enter your residential address, and then click submit. Next, you can click on the name of each individual, which will direct to their homepage with contact information.

U.S. Senate

Senator John Cornyn (R)
Senator Ted Cruz (R)

U.S. House of Representatives

Representative Beth Van Duyne (R) – Dist. 24

Texas State Senate

Senator Tan Parker (R) - District 12

Texas State House

Rep. Julie Johnson (D)– Dist. 115

Texas Supreme Court

Chief Justice Nathan L. Hecht – Place 1 (R)
Justice Jimmy Blacklock – Place 2 (R)
Justice Debra Lehrmann – Place 3 (R)
Justice John Devine – Place 4 (R)
Justice Rebeca Huddle – Place 5 (R)
Justice Jane Bland – Place 6 (R)
Justice Jeffrey S. Boyd – Place 7 (R)
Justice Brett Busby – Place 8 (R)

Justice Evan A. Young - Place 9 (R)

Texas 5th Dist. Court of Appeals

Chief Justice Robert Burns – Place 1 (D)
Justice Robbie Partida-Kipness – Place 2 (D)
Justice Bonnie Lee Goldstein – Place 3 (D)
Justice Erin Nowell – Place 5 (D)
Justice Craig Smith – Place 6 (D)
Justice Dennise Garcia – Place 8 (D)
Justice Bill Pedersen III – Place 9 (D)
Justice Amanda Reichek – Place 10 (D)
Justice Cory Carlyle – Place 11 (D)
Justice Ken Molberg – Place 12 (D)

Texas Statewide

Governor Greg Abbott (R)
Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R)
Attorney General Ken Paxton (R)
Glenn Hegar, Comptroller (R)

Dawn Buckinghan, M.D., Land Commissioner (R)
Sid Miller, Agriculture Commissioner (R)
Wayne Christian, Railroad Commissioner (R)
Christi Craddick, Railroad Commissioner (R)
Jim Wright, Railroad Commissioner (R)

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Presiding Judge Sharon Keller – Place 1 (R)
Judge Mary Lou Keel – Place 2 (R)
Judge Bert Richardson – Place 3 (R)
Judge Kevin Yeary – Place 4 (R)
Judge Scott Walker – Place 5 (R)
Judge Jesse F. McClure, III – Place 6 (R)
Judge Barbara Hervey – Place 7 (R)
Judge Michelle Slaughter – Place 8 (R)
Judge David Newell – Place 9 (R)

Texas State Board of Education

Evelyn Brooks, District 14

Dallas County

Andy Sommerman, Commissioner, District 2
Judge Adam M. Schwartz, Justice of the Peace, 3-1
Steve Seider, Justice of the Peace, 3-2
Honorable Clay Jenkins, County Judge
Honorable John R. Ames, CTA, Tax Assessor/Collector
John Creuzot, District Attorney
Marian Brown, Sheriff