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Kumkum Jain

October 14, 2019

Kumkum Jain

2020 Census

Kumkum Jain has been a Texas resident since 1973 and has lived in Plano Texas since 1985. She was a Partnership Specialist for the Census Bureau in 2010 and has come out of retirement to do the same for Census 2020. Currently she is employed by the US Census Bureau representing the South Asian community for the DFW metroplex for the 2020 Census.

She has 39+ years experience as a sales and marketing professional for retail, consumer, technology and financial products and services. She was a commercial lender with focus on the South Asian market segment.

Kumkum is very active in the community. She has served as a board member on the US Indian Chamber of Commerce and volunteered on several community organizations.

Kumkum was born in India and migrated to the United States in 1973. She has strong ties to the Indian Community in the US and in India. She has a masters degree in Physics from India and a Business education from Rice University in Houston. She has one married daughter and 2 grandsons who live in New York City.