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Visit: https://capitol.texas.gov/Home.aspx for information on the 86th Texas Legislature Regular Session

MY TLO - Texas Legislature online - set up your personal account to receive Bill Lists, Alerts, Saved Searches, Mobile Device Support and RSS feeds. You can search and track the pieces of legislation you are most interested in! This is the most important website for the legislative session: https://capitol.texas.gov/MnuHouse.aspx

  • You can find information you need regarding the legislators that represent you, what legislation they are authoring or working on, and the legislation you want to learn more about.
  • Look over Legislatgion that interests You. This is so important – please take the time to look over the legislation that interests you, that you want to follow, work on, and share. Many times misinformation gets spread and we end up fighting a fight over an issue that never needed to happen. Sometimes this is intentional by those trying to kill legislation but sometimes it comes from “friends” that are passing along information that is incorrect.
  • If you have questions. ask someone in your legislator’s office or look to some credible sources that are focused on that issues. One example is the budget – you can check out www.conservativetexasbudget.com on that subject.
  • You can also sign up to follow bills as they progress (or not).
    • Bill Lists - Create a list of bills that you would like to watch. Each time you run the list, the bill information is updated.
    • Alerts - Enter bills on the alert list, be notified of committee and calendar postings, be notified when bills are assigned subjects of interest, be notified when the house or senate adjourn.
    • Saved Searches - Access your saved bill, text, and amendment searches.
    • Mobile Device Support - Learn how to access meeting notices, member information, committee information, and bill status on mobile devices.
    • RSS Feeds - Learn how to view legislative-related feeds through your favorite news aggregator.
  • There are maps of the capitol which can be quite helpful for visitors to the capitol as well as information on the process of a bill through the Texas legislature.
  • Create an account and join us for the fun.
  • Prepping for the Session. Are you a Prepper?

The House and Senate committees have been assigned.

To view Texas House Committee chairs, click on the following:
List of the Texas House Committee Chairs

To view Senate Committee Chairs, click on the following:
List of the Texas Senate Committee Chairs (Senator Bob Hall has replaced Senator Seliger as AG Chair).